SVG to JPG Converter

Use this free online SVG to JPG converter to convert SVG files to JPG images, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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SVG and JPG are both image formats. Pictures placed side by side will seem identical. But in fact, there are quite significant differences.

What is SVG?

SVG (“Scalable Vector Graphics”) is a vector-based graphics format. This means that when when you zoom in the pictures, they do not lose quality. This format is highly appreciated in the world of digital graphics. SVG is often used when working with logos, icons and similar graphic documents, as it provides the best display on screens. Also, SVG files are codes, which allows you to work with the image - change colors and shapes - right in the editor. But there is a problem. SVG files are not supported by standard photo editors. And programs for working with vector graphics do not provide as many opportunities as photo editors do. Moreover, this format is not suitable for images with a large number of details, as this greatly increases the file size, which negatively affects the display of graphics later.

Why Should You Convert to JPG?

JPG (“Joint Photographic Experts Group”) is a graphic format mainly used for storing photos and pictures. JPG files, as other bitmaps, consist of pixels, so this format is not suitable for images where quality loss is unacceptable when scaling. However, unlike SVG, you can work with JPG in photo editors, which is a big plus for many users. Moreover, the number of details in the image does not affect its display and the effect on the file size is not so significant. In comparison with other formats, JPG is better suited for images with a variety of tones and shades that smoothly merge into each other. It is easy to work with and it is easy to open - you do not need to install additional programs for this. JPG is the right option if you focus on colors, and not on image quality when it is zoomed in.

How to Convert?

Click on “Upload files”, select the SVG files you want to convert (or just drop them to the window outlined by a dotted line) and wait. Converted files will be ready within a couple of seconds. All you have to do after is click “Download” and select the location where the files will be saved.