EPS to SVG Converter

Use this free online EPS to SVG converter to convert EPS files to SVG images, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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EPS and SVG - both formats were created for professional work with graphics. They have a lot in common and they both are good, but each in its own way.

What is EPS?

EPS (“Encapsulated PostScript”) is a vector format that became the basis for Adobe Illustrator (ai) format. Since it is based on vectors, images do not lose their quality when you zoom them in. One of the main advantages is that the format is not restricted to Adobe products only, which gives you the freedom to choose the best program to work with based on your own preferences. EPS supports transparency and images in this format can be saved in a variety of color spaces. The format is well suited for printing and is even used in professional printing, but if you use a printer that does not support PostScript, the print result may be unpredictable. EPS is considered quite outdated and therefore Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2018.

Why Should You Convert to SVG?

SVG (“Scalable Vector Graphics”) is also a vector format, which allows you to keep image quality when scaling. However, unlike EPS, SVG is the standard in the world of digital graphics. If a job is not for printing, it is better to use SVG instead of EPS. Due to the fact that SVG is just code, it allows you to work with an image - change colors and shapes – directly in the code editor, which makes the interaction much easier. Another advantage over EPS is the ability to work with animation. It should be added that SVG files can also be printed, but still, this is not the purpose of the format, since during printing the images will lose all the pros of SVG as a format. Web design is the place where SVG has no equal and where it should be left.

How to Convert?

Click on “Upload files”, select the EPS files you want to convert (or just drop them to the window outlined by a dotted line) and wait. Converted files will be ready within a couple of seconds. All you have to do after is click “Download” and select the location where the converted files are to be saved.