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Converting SVG to Raster Images

This tool allows users to convert SVG to raster images. Raster images are bitmap graphics that use tiny pixels to create a grid that forms the Image. They are widely popular and supported by both old and modern browsers. Unlike SVG images, raster images such as JPEG or PNG aren’t scalable since they don’t have vectors or scaling information. However, a raster image usually provides better compression than SVG which makes it perfect for Web usage.

The SVG Converter supports both SVG to PNG & SVG to JPEG conversion. The process is pretty straightforward. You can convert your SVG files to JPG or PNG in a few clicks by simply uploading the file. Once the file is converted it will show a download option. You can also upload multiple files in the queue and SVG Converter will convert them all.

Vectorizing Raster Images to SVG

Sometimes users might need to convert raster images to SVG so that they can take advantage of all the flexibilities of the SVG format. The conversion is quite tricky to do manually. Raster images are by definition not scalable, hence making them scalable is quite a bit of a challenge.

Fortunately, using SVG Converter, visitors can achieve this conversion in a few simple steps. There are two options available in the SVG Converter. One for converting PNG to SVG and the other for converting JPG to SVG. To convert PNG images to SVG, the user needs to pick the PNG to SVG option. And for the JPG to SVG conversion user will have to select the JPG to SVG option. After that the user will have to upload the image file. It will process the image and generate the SVG file which will be readily available for download after conversion.


PDF was first developed by Adobe to encapsulate a complete description of a fixed layout document. It can contain vector graphics, text, or raster images. The SVG Converter has features to convert SVG to PDF and PDF to SVG.

SVG Converter uses separate background processes to do the conversion of each file hence, enabling users to upload multiple files together in a batch. So, it is possible to upload multiple PDFs and get them all converted to SVGs together and download all the files in a single click of a button.

The process of converting SVG to PDF is the same as converting PDF to SVG. You just need to select SVG to PDF service instead of PDF to SVG. And then upload your SVG files. You can use drag and drop or the upload dialog box whichever you prefer. Once your upload finishes, the SVG Converter will start its magic and convert each SVG file one after another.


EPS files are widely used in printing. Professional printers often require EPS files to print in the best quality & colors.

SVG Converter provides services to convert SVG files into EPS and EPS files to SVG. To convert SVG files to EPS click on SVG to EPS. You will get the option to upload your SVG files. Once you finish uploading the website will automatically start the conversion of each SVG file, and the option to download the files will be available. EPS to SVG conversion can be done in a similar way. You first need to upload all your EPS files using the upload dialog box or using the drag and drop feature and then click download. SVG Converter will show the status of conversion over the file.

Optimize SVG

SVG files' most significant disadvantage is their size compared to the other image formats. SVG File contains XML codes and texts with various information about the Image, such as shape, line, grids, layers, texts, etc. Some of this information is redundant and can be compressed into smaller chunks of data using a compression algorithm. The SVG optimizer uses a cutting-edge compression algorithm to compress SVG files and reduce image size without compromising quality. The end result will be lossless.

You can achieve professional quality SVG optimization with a few clicks. All you need to do is go to SVG Optimizer, drag and drop your SVG file and click upload. The SVG Converter will optimize the SVG getting rid of all the unnecessary detail from the SVG and making it available for download.