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SVG (“Scalable Vector Graphics”) is a graphic format that has become a standard in the world of digital graphics. Many people from completely different fields of activity choose it to work for a variety of reasons.

Pros of SVGs

Firstly, SVG is based on vectors, which does not allow the image quality to get worse when zooming in and provides a better display on screens. Secondly, files of this format often take up less space on devices, in comparison with other formats. Also, SVG gives a lot of tools for creativity, as it supports transparency, text, animated graphics, etc. And finally, SVG-files are just code, which gives not only the opportunity to work with image parameters directly in the editor, thereby greatly simplifying the work, but also the opportunity to optimize the work of websites and their visual content.

Why Should You Optimize SVG Files?

The biggest disadvantage of SVG files is their volume. They often contain a lot of unnecessary information, especially when you export them from the editor. This information can be metadata, hidden layers, comments etc., and it also happens that the figures on the picture are not created in an optimal way - this all directly affects SVG files, which are already quite voluminous. But you can fix it - unnecessary information can be deleted or minimized, and the graphics can be simplified, while not negatively affecting the visual content.

How to Optimize?

Click on “Upload files”, select the SVG files you want to optimize (or just drop them to the window outlined by a dotted line) and wait. Optimized files will be ready within a couple of seconds. All you have to do after is click “Download” and select the location where the files will be saved.