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Use this free online PNG to SVG converter to convert PNG files to SVG images, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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PNG and SVG are both made to work with images. They are similar, for example, in that they support transparency. At first glance, pictures of both formats may seem identical, but in fact, they are quite different.

What is PNG?

PNG (“Portable Network Graphics”) is a graphic format used for storing images and invented to replace the GIF format. Since PNG supports transparency, which is the absence of any background, it allows you to overlay images on top of each other, preserving contours and shapes. Therefore, PNG has a fairly wide scope of usage: posters, presentations, logos etc. There are also disadvantages. Since PNG files, as other bitmaps, consist of pixels, this format is not suitable for images where quality loss is unacceptable when scaling. PNG is actively used in media, as it is easy to work with and it is supported by any devices.

Why Should You Convert to SVG?

SVG (“Scalable Vector Graphics”) is also a graphic format, but it is based on vectors, not pixels, which is its main advantage - when scaling, images in SVG format do not lose quality. When working with logos, icons and similar graphic documents, it is better to use SVG, since it will not allow the image to be distorted, which means it will provide the best display on screens. Also, unlike PNG, SVG is also suitable for animated graphics, which is certainly indispensable for artists working in this field also because animation in SVG, in comparison to other formats, often takes up less space on devices. And, finally, the possibility of converting to SVG will also be appreciated by web developers, because SVG files are just code, which allows not only to optimize the work of your website, but also to work with images themselves directly in the editor. However, it should be kept in mind that the size of SVG files increases in proportion to the number of details in the image.

How to Convert?

Click on “Upload files”, select the PNG files you want to convert (or just drop them to the window outlined by a dotted line) and wait. Converted files will be ready within a couple of seconds. All you have to do after is click “Download” and select the location where the files will be saved.